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I've got so much to do, but yet haven't enough time, those peaks and lands awaited me, so can feel it, Sinai Mountain, Dhumyat, wait for me!!!travel around the world, to witness God's creation, subhan Allah..

May 3, 2014

Olive Groves

Good evening & peace be upon you. I just wanna share something.Alright, may be a novel review is quiet lame, but i think i need to share this beauty with you guys.I found this first book on my book rack and decided to read it.      
         Actually i've possessed this book since i was in high school.And now after 6 years, hamdulillah i still got that sort of enthusiasm to read page by page. Praise be to God. Let me write some of its content, by Anne Hawes  that made me feel as if I myself was in Diano San Pietro." Glamour, we soon spotted was not the outstanding feature of the village of Diano San Pietro. As far as the crusty olive- farming inhabitants of this crumbling backwater were concerned, the Riviera, a mere two miles away, might as well be on another planet. Down on the coast, Diano Marina has palm-shaded piazzas and an elegant marble-paved promenade along a wide blue sandy bay. Diano San Pietro, on the other hand, straggles up the steep foothills of the Mediterranean hinterland, its warped green shutters leaning into Vespas who call irately upon the Madonnaas they narrowly miss mowing you down, with yowling feral catsand rusty tin cans full of improbably healthy geraniums. "  Is it pretty, don't you think?

In fact, my Olive Groves novel was full of traces of highlighters. More like a lecture book rather than a leisure time nove huh? ^^

May 2, 2014

What you see in the tube

It was typical Friday morning, where due to hotness of the atmosphere, everyone will return to their beds and sleep. The same goes for me.

Okay, may be today I am a little bit nicer than the day before that I happened to be opening my ENT book (MCQs) and read it.

I watched video in Youtube. Youtube  is a nice place to learn something new.
I browsed for "Muslim Video" and guess what i found?

I was hoping to get tazkeerah and naseeha sessions  from the vid but it turned out to be something else -shocking findings.
There are some sort of exploitation of the Deen, I would say. I jumped into such conclusion thinking that these V-loggers  had something in their minds that they wanted to exposed without being mortified harshly.

Without I, we, realize, people corrupt this Deen by making videos. There are sideways in understanding this religion according to what that satisfy their desire..
Well, there is  no need for me   to prove it. You can check it out yourself in the famous 'tube'.
Just type 'Islam' and you will find beyond the pretty things about Islam.

Not all mix things are good like clothes and cakes etc...
-  Mixing your understanding in religion is a disaster.